About Mandarin Electron

Mandarin Electron Co., Ltd was founded in 1999 by Masami Takeuchi, pioneer Theremin player in Japan. With a focus on Theremin, the company manufactures instruments, produces concerts and holds theremin schools.

The mission of the company is to promote Theremin cultures. The main product of the company is Matryomin, Matrioshka-shaped Theremin. It was invented in 2000 and released mass product in 2003 (currently the third generation model is available). So far, about 5,000 Matryomins have been sold mainly in Japan.


* Masami Takeuchi is a pioneer and leading Theremin player of Japan. He moved to Russia in 1993 to study Theremin under Lydia Kavia, who is relative of Lev Theremin and was a favorite pupil of him.

*In 2013, 272 Matryomin players attempt at the Guinness World Records "the Largest theremin ensemble" and set the records.

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